• Best 4D Cooling Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine For Sale What are advantages of OSANO Freeze Contour Max? * 4D Cooling Approach  * 60% More Tissue Treated  * Shortening Treatment Time By Half: 35 minutes  * Up To 40% Less Fat Per Treatment What's FREEZE CONTOUR MAX? Freeze Contour MAX is a 4D surrounding cooling system which transfers targeted cooling energy thoroughly to the treatment area and also delivers faster energy through its highly cooling conductive applicator. This non invasive cryolipolysis fat reduction procedure makes fat cells under a process “apoptosis”, released out of our body through human natural metabolism. What's Unique of FREEZE CONTOUR MAX? Competitive Cryolipolysis fat freezing applicators * Entire area cooling panel (high conductive aluminum material) instead of double small cooling plates, maximum cooling energy can be covered entire treated area equally. * Maintains more stable cooling temperatures while enhancing treatments results and decreasing application time. Double Temperature control systems * General Control System ensure accurate temperature on machine. * Terminal temperature control system deliver safe cooling energy to the tissue according to real time temperature on treated skin.  * Both system works perfectly complement each other, Maximized ensure safty and high-effeciency cryolipolysis treatment. Why choose FREEZE CONTOUR MAX? Maximum Profitability Maximum safety Maximum Results
  • Combination Treatment with Cryolipolysis EMS Pads and Acoustic Wave Therapy together
  • 23%-50% Fat Reduction in one single treatment,  60% more tissue treated than traditional cryolipolysis treatment in one applicator.
  • Compressed Air-ballistic shockwave generators, Pre-set protocols for different applications
  • Five different sizes of cryolipolysis handles, Four of them work simultaneously, 5 to -10 centigrade fat freezing temperature adjustable
  • Lipo cavitation criolipolisis freeze liposuction technology combination to reduce fat cellulite on belly, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms, different sizes RF handles treat for face neck and eye zone.
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