Smart Effective non invasiva Lipo Laser Machine

  • Smart Effective non invasiva Lipo Laser Machine
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  • *:Lipo Laser weight loss slimming
  • *Model No.:L600C
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Product Detail

L600C lipolaser device provide a non invasiva lipo laser treatment for fat cells, effectively smooth cellulite orange peel and tighten treated skin.


  • 1. The system has been designed with a 12 Lipo laser pads, 
  • 2. 8 pieces of large size pads with 10 lasers/pad, and 4 pieces of small size with two lasers/pad, 
  • 3. Each diode lipolaser has an energy of 160mW, total output 120W
  • 4. Total lipo laser treatment pads target adipocytes on different treated areas (Chin, arms, abdomen or thighs). 
  • 5. Total lipo laser pads can work at the same time .

lipolaser paddles

How does Lipo Laser machine work?

Low level Laser Therapy LLLT creates a chemical signal in the targeted fat cells, dissolve stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol and water, meanwhile channels in the cell membranes opened thus those free fatty acids and glycerol are released through the channels and then used out during our natural metabolism. 

To speed up metabolism, we suggest to do exercise post treatment or vacuum rollers RF treatment after Lipolaser treatment to make sure complete elimination for the free fatty acids.

Lipo Laser

lipo laser treatment

Why choose LASER SHAPE? 

Clinically proven
Independent clinical studies have shown up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment. Additional treatments improve results further. Results can be seen immediately after each treatment as the fat cell contents are released. Light exercise or other treatments such as OSANO SHAPE, Pressotherapy or LIPOMASSAGE post treatment can accelerate the removal of the released fat .

Affordable Treatment
Compared to laser lipolysis and other non invasive lipolaser techniques LASER SHAPE is much more affordable with similar results.

Safe and Painless
LASER SHAPE uses low levels laser therapy to create a safe and painless bio-stimulation effect in the targeted fat tissue. The process of fatty acid release is a natural response of the body when the body needs to used stored energy reserves, thus LASER SHAPE doesn’t affect or damage any surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. The treatment can be performed on all skin types and body areas where unwanted fat is stored and you can return to normal activity immediately after lipo laser treatment.

Immediate Results
Visble results can be seen immediately after the very first session. Typically a 2-4cm inch loss in abdomen can be achieved with every session. 8 sessions as one course is suggested over 4 weeks with twice per week.

Targeted Fat Reduction
LASER SHAPE can target fat reduction in specific problem area. By positioning the laser pads on the target area such as chin, upper arms, abdomen or thighs fat can be broken down and removed specifically from that area. This is a big advantage over diet and exercise which can reduce overall body fat but not shape individual areas.

Innovative Design

The system has been designed with 12 paddles with totaling 88 individual treatment Lasers enabling operators to reduce treatment time.

Optimal feedback from our customers,

Visible results can be seen immediately after each lipo laser treatment procedure, generally an average of 3 cm to 6 cm circumference reduction in abdomen will be seen after every sessions. 

Frequency of Lipo Laser treatment20 to 40 min each session, twice a week, 8 sessions as a treatment.


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