3 IN 1 RF Electroporation Cryotherapy Beauty Machines for Sale

  • 3 IN 1 RF Electroporation Cryotherapy Beauty Machines for Sale
  • *Product Origin:China
  • *Delivery Time:5 working days
  • *MOQ:1pc
  • *Package:Wooden Case
  • *:Skin Care Treatment
  • *Color:any color
  • *Model No.:Oface
  • *Shipping Port:Guangzhou
Product Detail

Multi Water Mesotherapy Injection System                                          


With the growth of age, skin aging usually starts around 25 years old, and becomes more and more obvious after 30 years old.

The main reason is the blood circulation of skin slowing down, the subcutaneous adipose layer becomes slack and inelastic, and the loss of collagen and water in the basal layer of the skin causes various skin problems, such as dark complexion, age spots, scurf, acne, dry lines, fine lines, etc.Skin aging is a natural factor, but also caused by non-natural factors and becomes earlier aging phenomenon, the human skin tissue is increasingly developed after birth, the function is gradually active, when a certain age will degenerate, this degeneration is often unconsciously between people.

There is a thick layer of dermal tissue under the epidermis of human skin, 90% of which is collagen.It is an important component of skin tendons, bones and so on. As skin aging begins, water-soluble collagen increases while water-soluble collagen decreases, so skin elasticity decreases, reticular tissue fiber harden, and skin aging accelerates, which will result in.


Effective Treatment        

Oface is an innovative, high-performance, active nanopeptide that effectively prevents skin aging and promotes the production of new hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, which are the main components of skin tissue.Biological activity of anti-aging, regeneration, whitening, significant effect.

Fast Results                   

Each special formulation of EPLUS injection serum combines multiple technical proprietary procedures to ensure immediate, long-lasting results.

Uninterrupted import       

Clinical home care kits provide daily, uninterrupted injections, and you can enjoy the special non-invasive technology of "non-invasive injections" in daily home care, making the beauty process easier and more comfortable.

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