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DOUBLE SHAPE Smart RF Cavitation Vacuum Lipo Machine

Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum Lipo System with RF Vacuum Rollers Therapy Combination 
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DOUBLE SHAPE is a revolutionary treatment that uses low frequency ultrasound therapy (cavitation) and RF Vacuum Rolling System to create the best non-surgical body shaping treatment. 

3 in 1 Multi-Functional Combination System- Combination of Cavitation, Vacuum and RF Radio frequency- Absolute double treatment results via combination treatment- Integrated using of 3 different technologies bring optimal outcome of fat cellulite reduction, body shaping and anti aging.


Double Cavtation transducers integrated with Vacuum 
Dual transducers work simultaneously in the cross-action
Power intensity up to 2 ~ 5W/cm2 per transducer 
Treatment for deeper fat.  

Larger clients with at least 3cm of fat looking for inch loss treatments.  Works well on abdomen, flanks and buttocks.

The Science Behind CAVI DOUBLE

CAVI DOUBLE works with dual lipo cavitation associated with vacuum technology. Modulable dual cavitaiton transducers exploits the particular angle to centres the emission only on the area of tissue to be treated, vacuum negative pressure between cavitation transducers suck the adipose layer towards it. Ultrasound energy is converged in a V-like manner and delivered to the localised adiposity and cellulite. Cavitation waves changes fat cell membranes causing a mechanical lipolysis of adipocytes, that stimulates the disaggregation of fat acids in the cells. CAVI DOUBLE applicator can therefore work on localised adiposity in a safe, comfortable and effective method over time, offering immediate and noticeable results, without pain and recovery periods, and stimulating the natural lipid metabolism process. A visible reduction in volume to the treated areas can be seen after each treatment.CAVI DOUBLE is a perfect method for reducing the appearance of fat, stretch marks, and cellulite that is completely noninvasive. 

It also uses a second ultrasound pass to heat and tighten the skin closer to the surface. The action of the low-frequency ultrasound is with OSANO SHAPE treatment, which helps eliminate fatty acids produced by the CAVI DOUBLE treatment.

Cavitation Vacuum Lipo System

Why CAVI DOUBLE is more competitive than traditional cavitation in this industry?

CAVI Double is the safest and most effective non-invasive technology for treatment of localised adiposity and cellulite. Modulable dual cavitation and vacuum technology allow treating only the area affected. The fat cells in the area treated are hit deep down preventing any risks to the underlying tissues.

The benefits can be seen after just a few sessions: All the areas treated are visibly reduced in volume following each single treatment and the skin looks smoother and more toned. 

Areas that can be treated by CAVI DOUBLE include:Women - Love handles, Laxity in arms, Abdomen, Thighs, ButtockMen - Stomach, Lower back.

What’s OSANO shape ?

OSANO SHAPE uses combined Bi-Polar RF and IR Infrared Light energy with gentle vacuum suction and mechanical massage to treat both the deeper fat tissue and the upper layer of skin, offering a measurable reduction in fat layers and circumference, and results in cellulite reduction, it’s an easy, non-surgical and comfortable procedure just feels like a gentle warm massage

Synergistic Use of Energies in OSANO SHAPE    

700nm IR heats skin & fat tissue up to 3mm depth.    

Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) heats skin & fat tissue from 5 to15 mm depth.    

Plused Vacuum ensures precise delivery of energy.    

Mechanical manipulation improves lymphatic drainage and cellulite smoothing.

Synergistic Use of RF Vacuum Mechanical Massage

VFace-Synergetic Combination of RF, PDT and Vacuum

Multi-Polar RF technology painlessly delivers focused and optimal RF energy to the dermis at a depth of 2 to 4 mm.
Controlled energy is delivered via multiple electrodes, centered between them, and limited only to the treatment area. 
Sequential and pulsed vacuum suction adjust the depth of action within skin. This delivered RF energy improves result in the treated focal area.
Micro size and mini size applicators target different areas

Treatment Menu    

Glowing complexion lift treatment     
Eye Lift Treatment    
Collagen activator firming treatment    
Densifing anti-wrinkle treatment     
Face slimming lifting Treatment    
Cellular regeneration lift treatment

Goal of the treatment    

Immediate collagen contraction    
Long-term collagen stimulation
Vacuum RF Facial Treatment

What makes it special?

DOUBLE SHAPE means to consist of three devices working in tandem to reduce targeted areas of fat and cellulite. The first device emits ultrasound energy, while the second is a vacuum mechanical massage device. Upon completion, cellulite is reduced leaving a smoother and more beautiful look for your body. This treatment is completely safe and is non-surgical with no downtime. The second device combines mulitpolar RF and pulsed vacuum together,which offers facial and neck anti aging treatments. 
With DOUBLE SHAPE, the dual cavitation transducers deliver double ultrasonic energy to heat the deep layers, break down the underlying fat cells. The non-surgical OSANO SHAPE helps the lymphatic system drain away the excess toxins and fats and increase blood circulation in the area following up with CAVI DOUBLE treatment. 

What happens to the fat liberated after a DOUBLE SHAPE treatment?

The oscillation generated by the low frequency ultrasounds creates microbubbles (or cavities) which implode within the fat mass and the adipocytes, causing it to turn to fluid and encouraging the exit of the fats themselves. The content of the adipocytes, consisting mainly of triglycerides, is distributed in the interstitial liquid and must be removed through the lymphatic system, thus OSANO SHAPE treatment is highly necessary to encourage this process and expel the liquids through the lymphatic and vascular systems. 
OSANO SHAPE RF Vacuum Rollers system helps the body to eliminate the liquids and the fat deposits - removed by the cavitation process - through the lymph nodes. This effect is of key importance for the absorption of the fatty mass previously treated with the ultrasound handpiece, ensuring acceleration of the elimination of the remaining fats. All of this greatly enhances the efficient working of the liver, which would otherwise become overloaded.

Results To Expect After DOUBLE SHAPE

The fat cells removed by DOUBLE SHAPE are completely and permanently destroyed. Consequently, the results are long lasting if patients maintain a healthy lifestyle with a steady diet and regular exercise, and avoid significant weight gain. The areas treated by DOUBLE SHAPE result in a smoother and better overall body contour. On average,DOUBLE SHAPE removes about one inch of fat per hour treatment. However, it is vital for patients to understand that the percentage of fat lost is dependent upon the type of fat and percentage of body fat. Furthermore, because the lymphatic system can drain just so much at a time, the treatment areas are small.

Immediate visible results right from the very first session 
VersatilityIt can be used in conjunction with other procedures or as liposuction preparation /aid
Long-lasting and natural results
Following some dietary rips and healthy habits is always advisable, to obtain better, long term results.

How to do a DOUBLE SHAPE treatment to get a maximum result? 

To maxmize treated results, first step should take a 10 minutes OSANO SHAPE treatment to open the lymphatic channels and deep layer of the tissue. This step can help in enhancing CAVI DOUBLE effects and excreting the fat after the treatment. The next step will apply 20 to 30 minutes CAIV DOUBLE to destroy fat cells with its dual low frequency ultrasound energy. The last step perform OSANO SHAPE again, treated skin will be constantly heated when applied OSANO SHAPE applicator, this procedure can help heating Dermis,Superficial layer and deep fat tissue, tighten target skin and help fat metabolism through lymphatic drainage after CAVI DOUBLE treatment.

Can DOUBLE SHAPE be used in beauty salons?

The power of CAVI DOUBLE ultrasounds conforms to the safety standards indicated for therapeutic use. This power corresponds to 3 W/cm2 on average for each transducer. The machine, however, is capable of delivering greater peak power. No particular restrictions exist for the use of the machine, and contraindications for use are clearly identified.

The Ultimate Business Solution    

State-of-the-art equipment – highest quality components deliver silent operation, industry-leading vacuum strength & ergonomic hand piece design for easy use and maximum comfort.    
Guaranteed minimal downtime – no ongoing servicing or maintenance required.    
Highest return on investment - time efficient treatments increase work capacity per day.    
Complete aesthetic solution - full face & body treatments so attractive they are sure to enhance and grow your customer base.    
Safe treatments – risk-free treatments, for patient and practitioners.

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