Innovative Built In Applicator Cryolipolysis Device for Home Personal Use

  • Innovative Built In Applicator Cryolipolysis Device for Home Personal Use
  • *Product Origin:China
  • *MOQ:1pc
  • *Package:Wooden Case
  • *:permanent fat reduction
  • *Model No.:OCryo
  • *Shipping Port:Guangzhou
Product Detail
OCryo All-In-One solution for body sculpting 
Built-In Appalicator
Integrated structure with built-in applicator
3 exchangeable contours to fit for multiple treated areas
Portable Cryolipolysis machine

Ideal for home personal use                                                                                        
  • Allows you in charge of your body shape in a pleasent and relaxing way
  • Affordable price to have one instead of large treatment costs in clinic
  • Fulfils daily body sculpting requirements at home, car or office
  • User friendly display- touch screen for quick set-up and easy operation

Good choice for professional use in clinic or spa with simultaneous working protocol
  • Quick return on investment
  • Low noise treatment without water circulation cooling system
  • Competitive price, cost of several units equal to one typical cryolipolysis device
  • Maxium flexibility: Built-in Technology, reducing space occupancy with smart portable design. 
  • Powerful cooling system, temperature selected from 4 to -9 °C

With OCRYO, You'll Benefit From                                                                                 
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Non-invasive, no downtime
  • Safe treatments, excellent results
  • Allows treating several OCryo simultaneously on different areas.
  • Exchaneable Contours versatile for multiple areas (hips flanks, mmidsection, thighs and back).
  • Same powerful cooling and vacuum performance as typical cryolipolysis device (Max-9℃).
              * Convenience * Lightness * Intelligence
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