OSANO Innovation COOL Cavitation Liposuction Machine

  • OSANO Innovation COOL Cavitation Liposuction Machine
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The COOL CAVI is the latest clinically proven advanced system for liposuction and body contouring through unique synergistic use of ultra cavitation and cryotherapy together. It is the innovative unique technology due to its mechanical movements of higher compression capacity with lower thermal effects through its chilled thermoelectric applicator. 

How does CRYO CAVI work?

High power generation Focused ultrasound wave selectively target fat adipose tissue, a large amount of micro-bubbles are created due to the fast variation of pressure changes.Creating a mechanical effect of implodes and explodes breaking down the adipose membranes.Fat cells are destroyed and triglycerides are reabsorbed, through blood and the lymphatic system, this action brings to overall reduction of adipose tissue volume.
When a high power transducer is used, a strong cooling mechanism for the overheated piezoelectric elements is needed. CRYO CAVI deliver cooling energy that simultaneously work with high power cavitation emitting, keeps the skin protected around 5°C via Skin Contact Cooling technology to offer the optimal effectiveness, and maximum comfort treatment for the patient. As evidenced by the clinical photography, the changes demonstrate the efficacy in adipose tissue reduction for body contouring. 
CRYO CAVI Treatment

Treatment Duration of CRYO CAVI

Each CRYO CAVI session takes about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the areas treated. The applicator will be applied onto the skin, after applying a conducting gel. Once the treatment is finished, an intense Pressotherapy or OSANO SHAPE treatment is recommended for at least 10 to 15 minutes to help lymphatic drainage of those broken fat cells and a tighten action after the volume reduction of fat. If you want a faster result, saline can be injected to the treated area before the treatment is performed.

How many treatments do I need?

We usually recommend 2-3 sessions for low to moderate fat reduction. More may be needed for larger fat volume reduction. The ideal number of sessions is 8 to 12, once a week. Our doctors will be able to assess the number of sessions you need to achieve your desired body shape.

When can I see the results?

CRYO CAVI is a non-invasive medical treatment that reduce localized fat and cellulite through the application of low frequency ultrasound.
Visible results can be seen after the very first sessions.
Gradual improvement of the quality of cellulite.

5 to 10 days after the first session, a reduction in volume of fat accumulation is evident.

Advantages and Benefits

35-50% more powerful than the other cavitation devices in the market
Skin Contact Cooling Technology with 5 to -5 centigrade.
Treatments are completely non-invasive and non-thermal
Large size applicator integrates ultra cavitation and cryotherapy 
Auto frequency tracking and matching techonology
30KHz to 40KHz cavitation frequency are alternative to produce for CRYO CAVI
Multi-platform treatment zone
Low associated cost
Effective results are achieved in fewer sessions   

How is the procedure like?

CRYO CAVI creates a result similar to liposuction, but without surgical intervention and the consequent discomfort. Depending on the case, determines the number of sessions to be performed and the results accumulate from the first application.  
It is an ideal treatment for people with localized fat in the abdomen, thighs, saddle bags, knees, etc., but not to treat obese or overweight. Overall hypoosmotic saline seeps and by manual massage treatment area is distributed to saline enters the adipocytes. The effect is to generate fat cells get very dense, then proceeds to work the area with longitudinal ultrasonic vibration to produce cavitation.

Cavitation Liposuction procedure
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